R:  143 G:  255 B:  179 X:35444 Y: 2752 S:    0 Z:   53 F:  166

R:  140 G:  255 B:  176 X:35444 Y: 2752 S:    0 Z:   54 F:  166

Program Development-Emergent Curriculum

In our center we embrace the emergent curriculum approach to early childhood education. Emergent curriculum is a way of planning  curriculum based on the student’s interest and passions. To plan an emergent curriculum, it requires observation, documentation, creative brainstorming, flexibility and patience by our educators. We offer “hands on” child directed activities as well as teacher initiated such as creative expression, meeting & circle time, dramatic play, blocks/construction and sensory as well as a wide variety of natural materials/supplies which the children can explore, manipulate and make discoveries with.  By offering many opportunities for the children to investigate and the time to figure things out, this helps feed the curriculum and this will give the educators an opportunity to listen closely to the children in their care and develop the program to suit the children’s interests, learning, thinking and curiosities.   The environment is nurturing and comfortable, where the materials and learning centres are well organized and the children’s work is displayed to reflect the children’s thinking and learning.


Did You Know….

We can take 2 children who are 16 months old in our toddler program. Give us a call to see if we have spots open.

New Prices for September 2019
Toddler Full Time: $51.75 Toddler Part time: $53.45 Preschool Full time: $47.85 Preschool Part time : $49.55 PD/Snow Days JK/SK $40.00